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dragulaR with renderUI

Quite recently someone asked about if it’s possible to use my dragulaR ( package with renderUI. My first thought was that this might be quite hard. I knew that insertUI is not a problem because you can set ‘immediate = TRUE’ parameter, and just after that use ‘js$refreshDragulaR(“dragula”)’ to refresh the dragula container. However, with insertUI you cannot simply use refreshDragulaR, because it must be called when all the elements in the uiOutput are ready, and this is not so easy to do so.

Drag and Drop in Shiny

Shiny application is a great way to deliver the result of statistical analysis, especially when it must be reproducible. I don’t know why, but people prefer to use graphic interface, rather than run scripts;) One of my clients recently requested to have an ability to move around elements in the dashboard. There are some R packages to attain such effect, and possibly it would be a bit easier to use them, but I had an unfinished project called dragulaR.