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Drag and Drop in Shiny

Shiny application is a great way to deliver the result of statistical analysis, especially when it must be reproducible. I don’t know why, but people prefer to use graphic interface, rather than run scripts;)

One of my clients recently requested to have an ability to move around elements in the dashboard. There are some R packages to attain such effect, and possibly it would be a bit easier to use them, but I had an unfinished project called dragulaR. It’s a very simple wrapper around javascript library dragula (https://bevacqua.github.io/dragula/) which allows you to move around elements very, very easily. In the end, I decided to spend some time polishing dragulaR, and now it’s something quite usable, and I hope useful for others.

For more information check the repo on Github - https://github.com/zzawadz/dragulaR.


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