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Some materials for learning a Deep learning and NLP

Here is my short list of materials related to Deep Learning and NLP that I found useful during my exploration of this topics. I don’t think that this list is exhaustive, but maybe you will find something useful;) Videos: General introduction: - an introduction to Deep Learning focused on examples. There are a lot of Jupyter notebooks supplementing the course - - Deep Learning specialization from Andrew Ng.

StarSpace in R

I enjoyed work with Facebook’s fastText ( library and its R’s wrapper fastrtext ( However, I want to spend some more time with StarSpace library (also Facebook’s library for NLP). Unfortunately, there’s no R package for StarSpace! It’s quite surprising because I there are thousands of packages. Nevertheless, this one is missing. In the end, I decided to write my wrapper - I had some problems with compilation because of dozens of compiler flags which must be set before compilation.