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Pimp My Library Pattern in Scala

My primary language for data analysis is still R. However, when it comes to the Big Data I prefer Scala because of it is the central language behind Spark, and gives more freedom than the sparklyr interface (I sometimes use sparklyr, but this is a topic for another post). When I started my journey with Scala I found, that it is possible to achieve a lot with knowing just the Spark’s API and a bit of SQL.

Get topics' words from the LDA model.

Some time ago I had to move from sparklyr to Scala for better integration with Spark, and easier collaboration with other developers in a team. Interestingly, this conversion was much easier than I thought because Spark’s DataFrame API is somewhat similar to dplyr, there’s groupBy function, agg instead of summarise, and so on. You can also use traditional, old SQL to operate on data frames. Anyway, in this post, I’ll show how to fit very simple LDA (Latent Dirichlet allocation) model, and then extract information about topic’s words.