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Random thoughts on SQL and R

The post below is a collection of useful (but kind of random) thoughts about R and SQL. It should serve more like a starting point, rather than exhaustive discussion of the presented topics. Note that it mostly describes SQLite - many concepts will be similar for different databases, but they might not be identical. You’ve been warned! R, SQL, dbplyr and ORM When we are talking about accessing SQL from a programming language, it is good to know a little bit about an ORM concept.

Notes on tidyeval

I recently watched the “Tidy eval: Programming with dplyr, tidyr, and ggplot2” video. It’s an excellent introduction to the concept of the tidy evaluation, which is the core concept for programming with dplyr and friends. In this video, Hadley showed on the slide the grouped_mean function (12:48). An attempt to implement this functions might be a good exercise in tidy evaluation, and an excellent opportunity to compare this approach with standard evaluation rules provided by the seplyr package.